The brilliant minds behind what we do.


Simon Gentry

As one of the founders of Media Co, Simon's career spans twenty years in marketing leadership roles. He leads the strategic conversations in the business, taking a wider view of the economic climate and business activity.
Comms & Creative Director

Sarah Beck

With a decade of international marketing and communications experience and a PhD in the space, Sarah also runs workshops and events throughout the country.
Media Manager

Louise Beer

Graphic Designer

Jessica Chen


Bernard Braithwaite

Bernard's both a co-founder of Media Co and also the head of our sister company Mime Analytics, ensuring that all decisions at Media Co are based on data driven insights.
Head of Client Services

Nick Dykes

Nick's an award-winning media strategist with a decade of industry experience.
SEO Specialist

Marco Zdrenka

Marco's passion for investigating the unknown and finding answers has led him to his specialty focus on search engine optimisation, helping rank websites on Google.
Business Administration

Eva Liu


Clive Reed

One of the co-founders of Media Co, quite simply Clive is the fount of all knowledge on media buying in New Zealand and over the span of his career, has saved clients over $1.5 billion in media spend.
Digital Operations Manager

Tri Huynh

Tri leads all areas of digital marketing here at Media Co, and his knowledge was built at multinationals over the past decade both here and in Asia.
PPC Specialist

Rishi Gupta

With an extensive Search background, Rishi knows everything there is to know about Google Adwords.
General Manager

Sheila Worsley

A co-owner of Media Co, Sheila's worked for the past two decades in the UK and New Zealand and is one of the leading digital advertising experts in the country.
Social Media Manager

Julia Moss

A clever and creative communications expert with a specialty focus on the digital world, Julia leads our brands as they navigate the social media environment.
Campaign Exec

Van Le