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The most popular radio stations in New Zealand vary from region to region.  Therefore, we have planned a radio package specific to your region and your potential customers.

The radio packages are all specific to each of our key audiences depending on who you want to talk to and what message is most important to get out in the market.

Station mix: Top 5 regional radio stations (vary by region)

Days of week:     

  • Monday (40%)
  • Tuesday (25%)
  • Wednesday (25%)
  • Thursday (10%)

Day Parts:

  • Breakfast (25%)
  • Morning (25%)
  • Afternoon (25%)
  • Drive (25%)

Approx. 80-100 spots per week for four weeks.

Support is provided by email. We’ll try to sort queries with the pack within 48 hours, Mon-Fri. We can be contacted on

Price is in NZD.

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