Animated video

$4,999 ex GST

Our team will work with you to create any animation you need in video format. You will recieve one well-produced, up to 60 second seconds in length animated video with a professional voiceover for online use This can be helpful in showcasing ideas or how to’ guides or infographic material.

For videos longer than 1 minute, please discuss with the team.

All we’d need to know are:

  • What is the idea you want to demonstrate?
  • What audio will accompany it (if you want us to organise a voiceover, we can help you book that separately)?
  • How long you want the video to be (is it a short video for social media or a longer one for your website?
  • Where you will share it?
  • What animation styles do you like?
  • WHat brand guidelines or logos do you need us to use?

Once we’ve got those, we’ll give you a call to get the process started. The first step will beĀ  working with you to create a storyboard. We can then work with you to make any adjustments before the final video is created.

We’ll then provide the video in any format you need (e.g. mov, mp4).

Your account will be charged in NZD.