Radio's place in the COVID-19 Climate

Despite big cuts to radio, listeners continue to consumer the media channel as much now as ever.

Recently NZME (who own a number of radio stations, such as Newstalk ZB along with NZHerald and regional papers) cut 200 roles. This follows on from their decision to end Radio Sport indefinitely. Mediaworks is also shedding staff and cutting costs.

Despite this, listeners continue to tune in as much now as ever. As noted in one report, “radio and on-air personalities present a connection to the real world that listeners gravitate toward and trust.”

While drive times no longer provide peak listenership, radio has become a familiar voice in households, with people tuning in during the day.

Below is a summary of recent listener surveys out of the States that we believe also provide an accurate reflection for the New Zealand climate. You can read the full survey here.

Listeners reporting the same or more time with radio


Radio has made me more informed.


Radio makes me feel less alone