We're here to make advertising easy.

Below we’ve tried to answer some of the most common queries – however for anything that’s not listed here, just email the team on laser@mediaco.co.nz.

The purchase process

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank deposits and also credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) only.

Please note that while we will receive your order if you pay by bank deposit, we only begin working on the project once we receive payment.

I'm having problems using the site -can I talk to you?

You sure can! You can email laser@mediaco.co.nz or phone Sarah on 021 590 091.

What is your refund policy?

Please see our full list of Terms for information on this.

The media packs

How do I know what spots I have on radio?

After you’ve made your purchase, we’ll email you a copy of the spot list so you can see exactly the spots you’ve purchased. If you haven’t received this email yet, make sure you check your junk mail folder, just in case!

Why only two posts on social?

In Facebook nowadays there is no coverage without any advertising behind it. This pack includes $200 of ad spend, and so the more posts that are included in this, the further the spend has to go, meaning it has less of an impact. Our goal is to produce two quality posts and make them count – so as many of your audience can see and engage with it as possible.

Advisory support

My support question is very small - do I still need to pay $49?

We understand that some tech and troubleshooting problems are easier than others, however we harge $49 as our minimum. This ensure we cover our time to check in with you and make sure we understand the issue before we fix it.

My technical question might take longer than 30 minutes.

When you let us know your issue, know whether this is likely to be done within 30 minutes. If it can’t be, we will get in touch with you to provide an estimate, and from there we can either refund your initial purchase, or you can purchase more time slots.


When will I get my Pulse Dashboard account?

The account will be created automatically 2 days before your campaign starts and will deactivate 7 days after the end of your campaign.

How can I access my advertising pack reports?

Your advertising reports will live alongside your general Laser Pulse Dashboard. Depending on what advertising pack you buy, your advertising package data may carry across to your Laser dashboard as well.

When is the data updated?

Data is updated once a day and will be ready for you to view when you arrive at work in the morning.

I can’t see anything on my report?

Check the date filter on the top to make sure the dates capture your campaign period. Select the start and end dates that are right for you then click on the Submit button.

What do the different measures in each report mean?

Each report measures different aspects of your advertising and business performance. Click on the words ‘About this report’ next to the ! symbol for an explanation of all reports.