Social Media Management

Have us manage your social media – We create and execute your social media strategy and manage your community for you

Leave your social media in the hands of our experts

Social media has the potential to put your brand and product in front of millions of people so it pays to put your best foot forward. Many a brand has a been ruined by poorly managed social media and many have grown virtually overnight. At Media Co, we plan, create and manage your social media content for you. So rest easy and focus on running your business while letting us run your social media campaigns for you.

We conduct in depth research into your industry, your competitors and your online profile using an array of professional tools. We then pick out the opportunities available and create a plan to capitalise on them. We then go on to create a social media schedule for your business and gather and create the required content in order to ensure regular updates.

We generate the required content and compile external content where required. Our team can create all kinds of rich multimedia for your business ranging from simple images to infographics to videos that are designed to promote engagement with your brand.

We create a social media schedule for your business to ensure regular updates take place. Our posts are scheduled down to the hour to promote maximum engagement. Posts are automatically scheduled and posted to ensure they go up in a timely fashion.

Community engagement is a key factor for a successful social media campaign. We engage with your audience on your pages and answer any questions they may have. Any questions outside of our scope of expertise are forwarded to your team.

All campaigns are monitored by us. We look at the data and produce meaningful and actionable reports for you and your team.


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