Ancora Imparo

Strategic Thinking

We can put all the smarts in the world into measurement and media planning and execution – but none of that works unless there is a strong, coherent, and compelling strategy. We use proprietary processes and marketing systems to develop and challenge your thinking and plans, bringing this to life through our Media, Analytics, Results Forecasting and Technology services to deliver the strategies that work – for you. Read on to learn more about how we can help.

Media Planning and Buying

Media Co plans and buys media with industry-leading expertise in TV, Radio, Press, Outdoor, Digital and more. Our ‘Direct Buying Model' creates and implements media solutions that deliver our clients’ business objectives. Direct means total transparency for you - no commissions, no junkets on your time and budget, and total remuneration based on your business performance.

Analytical Investigation

We analyse your Media and Response data to identify where your advertising is working – and where it isn’t. The choice is yours – bespoke project-based investigations, or longer-term engagements incorporating our online reporting tools. The net result – clients typically achieve a 15-40% efficiency gain.

Results Forecasting

We build and implement client-specific statistical models that forecast commercial results based on media advertising plans and historical business performance data. Using these tools we optimise advertising scenarios to maximise client results.

Technology Solutions

We have devised and created a number of proprietary web-served Media Reporting tools that show the direct impact your media strategy is having on your business performance. Each is fully customisable, forming a platform to create the information and knowledge for smarter advertising decisions.

Our simple goal

Do more of the stuff that works and stop doing the stuff that doesn’t.

"Media Co has taken the weight off my shoulders. They are delivering advice, expertise and media insights that are driving real improvements in our business. They are a genuine media and analytics partner who are creating real value for our people, franchisees, and suppliers."

Martin Bremner CEO Super Liquor Holdings