Search Engine Marketing


Adwords, Facebook Ads and SEO for more exposure

Being found and getting visitors to your site is now harder than ever. With the majority of traffic being driven by Page One listings and paid advertising, businesses not investing in either are bound to fail. Here at Media Co, we take a holistic approach to driving traffic to your site and bring you traffic, leads and sales through channels appropriate to your business

Search Engine Marketing Digital advertising (Google Adwords, Display Advertising) is now one of the most popular ways to drive traffic to your business. We create, execute and monitor campaigns designed to generate warm leads for your business. With the help of remarketing, we are able to track and follow visitors to your site as well as people interested in your services and serve them with relevant ads.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) We ensure your business appears in the top results for relevant searches by customers which in turn draws warm leads to your business.

We then combine these traffic driving techniques with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) which is used to increase the number of converting visitors to your site either at the point of first contact or further down the sales funnel. This means that you’re making the most efficient use of your traffic and reducing waste.

We conduct in depth research into your industry, your competitors and your online profile using an array of professional tools. We then pick out the opportunities available and create a plan to capitalise on them. By the end of the research phase, we are able to determine how much traffic you’re missing out on, the best course of action (PPC or SEO), the cost of acquiring said traffic using either organic or paid methods and create an action plan accordingly. Bringing in traffic alone is not enough, we also lay a heavy focus on conversion optimisation which means you don’t waste visitors.

Once we have an action plan, we proceeed to execute on them. In the case of PPC, we create multiple ads and ad groups and split test their performance so you only get the best performing ads. In the case of SEO, we use both on page and off page strategies. These activities are constantly monitored and improved over the coming months. As for conversion optimisation, again, we implement split tests to gauge which landing pages / layouts work the best.

We monitor all our activities and keep track of keyword SERP movements as well as CTR (click through rates) and conversion rates. This allows us to attribute actions to results. If an action has a positive effect, we are more likely to do it again. If an action has a negative effect, we diagnose it as to why it failed and rejig the strategy to turn it into a positive.

We believe in complete transparency so we distill all our findings, activites and results into easy to understand reports so that you can keep informed with what we’re doing and what effects it’s happening for your business. Based on the results, we tweak our plan for the following month so we can keep improving your rankings and click through rates.

Every month we look at which keywords and ads have performed well and which haven’t. We also look for fresh keywords and link building opportunities. With this data we then tweak our optimisation and PPC campaigns so that they never go stale and so that we progress in the right direction rather than remain stagnant.


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