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We take a holistic approach to the different advertising channels and integrate them to get our clients the best possible rates.

Above the line? Below the line? Through the line.

In the past media was split into two sections: above the line and below the line. Above the line media is media that touches people en masse with a brand’s message such as TV Ads, Radio Ads, Newspapers & Billboards. They are usually used to build and maintain brand awareness.

Below the line advertising is more targetted and touches potential buyers in a more one on one environment such as brand activation campaigns in the streets, letterbox vouchers, point of sale advertising. BTL activities are the preferred tool when test marketing a product and sampling.

With the advent of digital marketing and the reach and targetting options it offers, there is now a new set of media available to us which is ‘through the line’. Not only can one target the masses as a whole consumer group, one can also increase focus and target particular audiences as one would have with BTL (TTL can get a lot more targetted, making it quite useful to advertisers and resulting in better ROI’s). While we still deal in ATL And BTL media, we have ramped up our TTL focus and have built custom software to assist us with controlling and measuring TTL spends and returns. This strong grasp of media across the board allows us to offer our clients the best options to meet their needs and execute campaigns with great transparency and ease.


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